1. Why GovservSA specifically?
1. holistic Approach
GovservSA follows a holistic approach to financial planning, advice and service delivery. We believe it is in the best interest of you as client to allow us to comprehensively analyse your needs and current provision, determine the shortfalls, and compile and implement a solution based on your priorities. We do this because we feel strongly about this and not because legislation forces us to do this.
3. Assist and advise
Our support staff members have many years of collective experience and their competencies allow them to assist our advisers in the best possible way. This translates into quality service for our clients.
2. Trustworthy and experienced
Govserv's advisors are all well qualified with additional training and experience. We use proven financial tools and other resources, and only recommend products and services from trustworthy and expert providers.
4. Attention to detail
We are small enough to give personal attention to each client but big enough to ensure continued service delivery.
2. Our service history speaks for itself
A look at our history and levels of experience:
Incorporated in 1971
Professional Financial Services Provider accredited by the Financial Services Board of South Africa
More than 15,000 active members of Retirement Portfolios
Committed to Local and Provincial Government employees
Staff qualifications include:
ICMQ (London)
CFP® CFA® BCom Tax
Average years in Financial Services Industry of staff is 12 years