Who is
At GovServ SA we take the uncertainty out of financial planning decisions with comprehensive advice on your Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) benefits and exit options, simplifying the financial choices and projecting your financial position to allow you to make educated financial decisions.
1. Protecting you
GovservSA FSP No. 5735 is an independent and authorised Financial Services Provider (“FSP”) in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (“FAIS”) committed to the Public Servants of South Africa and contracted with the major financial product providers like Assupol, Sanlam, Old Mutual and Momentum.

The Compliance Risk with particular focus on regulatory risk is managed by Etude Compliance Services FSB reg. no. CO5890 which ensures by means of regular audits that we comply with all industry related legislation and that you are protected under this legislation.
2. To advise and serve
Our guiding principles are independence, professionalism and integrity. It is our mission to contribute to your financial wellbeing in assisting you with appropriate advice and suitable solutions to manage your own wealth by using the products of reputable financial institutions.

Through the advantage of our specialized financial advice process we continue to demonstrate commitment to serve each individual client’s best interest.
3. Peace of mind
Our offices are staffed with experienced and highly skilled individuals offering you specialised services in the field of financial and estate planning, actuarial-, legal- and portfolio management advice.

As a beneficiary of our professional service you will experience financial peace of mind, knowing that your financial plan is managed with transparent efficiency by committed specialists dedicated to creating and managing your wealth and the financial security for you and your family.